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Happy rant under the cut cause I’m feeling like a boss ass bitch

Seriously though.

A lot of my friends on here and in real life know my self esteem and self confidence is shit. I often use “hate” and “me” in the same sentence when describing next to anything about myself and the list of negative qualities far out weigh all positive attributes.

Or at least, it did.

Today I feel pretty. More than that, I love how I look today, I love my hair which is normally too thck, too frizzy, too wild and just generally needs to be pulled back into a pony tail. Today, it’s my full volume mane that I am showing off proudly. I love my legs, and my shoulder and my arms and my face. I love my body. And I love me. And I feel absolutely fantastic.

I know I’ve lost weight (25 lbs woohoo!) but this isn’t about that. I still classify as obese and for my health, I’ve been losing the weight but I don’t think today and this love I have for myself comes from my weight loss. I mean, okay yeah, it probably helped a little but I’m still a big girl. The difference is that today I can love that. I can love my broad shoulders, and I can love how I am a bit more built.

I’m in a dress. I’m proud and happy with how I look and I’m showing it off. I posted selfies on facebook for godsake and had enough self confidence to make my profile picture on facebook ME. Not some random icon I found online. Me. Because I’m beautiful. And it’s about time I said that to myself, and treated myself as such.

I love myself today. And it is the absolute best feeling I could possibly have.

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